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Legislative Update

Life Insurance and Divorce: Effective January 1, 2019, Public Act 100-871 makes any insurance policy that names the former spouse after a judgment of dissolution of marriage is entered by the Court ineffective. There are three (3) exceptions: The judgment designates the insured’s former spouse as the beneficiary; The insured re-designates the former spouse as […]

Free Divorce Consultation

The initial divorce consultation is the most important decision you will make during your divorce. It is understandable that you want free advice and many divorce lawyers will give you free advice. Those attorneys will give you 30 minutes over the phone, via email and, if you are lucky, in person. 30 minutes is simply […]

Who is the best divorce lawyer in Kane County?

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer, do you simply want “the best divorce lawyer” in Kane County? No. What you want is the best lawyer for you! The divorce process is stressful and personal and you need a divorce lawyer you can be honest with and trust. During the divorce process, you and […]

Are You Familiar with the Latest Mediation Laws?

I am a certified Family Law Mediator – mediation is a non-binding confidential process by which a neutral third party, who is either selected by the parties or selected by the court, assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement regarding their children. Mediation is required pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule for parents […]

Dogs, Cats, Goldfish, Parakeets, and Then There Are the Children

Hello Folks, My blog has discussed the new custody rules regarding pets – the Court must consider the best interests of the pet. And, my blog has discussed proposed House Bill 4113 where the Court would not have discretion to consider the best interests of the child – it would be presumed that shared parenting […]

The Legislature is in Session…

…And that means that new laws are being proposed and debated. This session many of the new laws impact domestic violence. Senate Bill 2330 would allow the Court to waive the publication requirement for a domestic abuse victim to change his or her name and allow the victim’s address to be omitted from Court documents. […]

Pets and Divorce

Did you know that as of January 1st, if you are going through a divorce and you have a pet (that is not a service animal), the Judge can consider the well-being of your pet in deciding whether to award joint or sole ownership? This is a shift toward treating pets more like children instead […]

Illinois’ Parenting Law

Did you know that there is a controversial change being proposed to Illinois’ parenting laws and it’s called House Bill 4113. If passed, this Bill would require a Judge to presume equal time with the children and equal parental responsibilities are in a child’s best interests. Among the Bill’s proponents are parental rights groups including […]