The Legislature is in Session…

…And that means that new laws are being proposed and debated. This session many of the new laws impact domestic violence. Senate Bill 2330 would allow the Court to waive the publication requirement for a domestic abuse victim to change his or her name and allow the victim’s address to be omitted from Court documents. I will be discussing some of the other proposed laws the legislature is considering in the weeks to come so, please keep checking with me for updates.

Legally, Susan

Pets and Divorce

Did you know that as of January 1st, if you are going through a divorce and you have a pet (that is not a service animal), the Judge can consider the well-being of your pet in deciding whether to award joint or sole ownership? This is a shift toward treating pets more like children instead […]

Follow up to House Bill 4113 regarding parenting time and responsibilities

Today there was close to a two hour hearing on the House Bill brought forward by Father’s rights groups that was sponsored by LaShawn Ford. If passed, the Bill would increase the evidence needed to determine if a parent is unfit and would require a Judge to explain his or her decision if he or she deviates from the presumption that equal parenting responsibilities and equal parenting time are in the best interests of the child. The current statute does not prevent a Judge from granting equal parenting time but the proposed Bill will practically mandate it! No vote was scheduled on the legislation – but, it will be in due time – more to come on the hearing and the eventual vote so, please stay tuned.

Legally, Susan

Illinois’ Parenting Law

Did you know that there is a controversial change being proposed to Illinois’ parenting laws and it’s called House Bill 4113. If passed, this Bill would require a Judge to presume equal time with the children and equal parental responsibilities are in a child’s best interests. Among the Bill’s proponents are parental rights groups including Fathers for Equality. Currently, the Bill is slated to be heard by the House’s Restorative Justice Committee. Stay tuned for more!

Legally, Susan

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