Divorce is a primary focus of Susan’s law practice. Susan understands that divorce can be a stressful, emotional and challenging time in the lives of her clients. She strives to make the divorce process as least stressful as possible, never loses sight of the needs of her clients, and works to make the divorce process less difficult.
Susan draws on her experience in handling each client’s individual situation. She welcomes contested and uncontested divorces, maintenance and support, custody and parenting issues. Susan also handles mediation cases, agreed divorces, low asset and high asset cases, as well as cases already pending in Court.

Even when a divorce is agreed or uncontested, divorce is still is not easy for folks and Susan understands that her clients are in the process of adjusting to significant life changes. It is Susan’s calm manner and legal experience that make the divorce process simpler and more efficient, rather than an epic battle. She will teach you the law, give you your options, explain the next steps, and give you the time you need before taking the next step.
Susan is a certified Guardian ad Litem and is dedicated to ensuring that the best interests of the children are a high priority. She understands that life does not always go according to plan and that parenting issues may arise after the divorce and she provides post-decree modification legal services and divorce decree enforcement representation to clients who need legal assistance after the divorce is final.

As an experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer, Susan is prepared to deal with any issue that may arise during the course of a divorce. Some of the most common issues that arise for her divorce clients include the following: alimony and maintenance, property valuation and division of assets, uncovering hidden assets, child custody and parenting responsibilities and child support, daycare and extra-curricular activities, college education and trade school expenses, and relocation after a divorce. While there is legal precedent and general guidelines for these matters, there is also a range of resolutions. Susan will help you to understand the options and how a Judge might rule on the unresolved issues should the divorce proceed to trial.

Susan will guide you through the divorce process, answer your questions, and tell you what to expect as you go through the divorce. She will explain the divorce statutes and make sure that you understand the reason that certain laws apply to your situation. The more complete her clients understanding is of the divorce process, the better informed they are to make difficult and important decisions. Susan does not pass her clients off to a team, she takes a hands-on approach and her clients work solely with Susan. Her clients know that they are getting individual, professional, seasoned, and calm representation.