Post-Divorce Modification

In divorce cases, while a final divorce or paternity judgment may have made sense at the time, often life happens and circumstances change that require a modification of the divorce decree or paternity judgment. This means that due to a change in circumstances of the children or one or both of the parents, it may become necessary to revisit certain issues and to renegotiate certain arrangements.

These revisions are referred to as Post-Divorce Modifications. While decisions regarding the division of marital property (marital assets) cannot be modified after a divorce has been finalized, modifications to parental responsibility (custody), parenting time (visitation), child support, and spousal maintenance can be made, if necessary. Former spouses often wish to make changes to their divorce decree for a variety of reasons, that include:

  • A significant increase or decrease in their income (through no fault of their own), that requires changes to the child support or spousal support that they pay or receive or the providing of medical insurance for the children.
  • Experiencing a disability or increased healthcare expenses may mean that a former spouse is unable to meet his or her obligation to pay spousal support or child support.
  • Remarriage, which can affect spousal maintenance and child support orders and may impact custody and visitation agreements if one household becomes a more or a less stable environment.
  • Work schedule changes that afford a parent the opportunity to have more or less parenting time or parental responsibility for his or her children.
  • Children may require additional financial support to meet their changing healthcare or educational needs.
  • Children getting older. This can impact parental responsibilities (child custody) and parenting time (visitation) as well as child support, as expenses for older children often increase.
  • Relocation where a parent would like to move to a new home with a child. This also may alter parenting time and parental responsibilities.

If you are concerned with post decree modifications or post decree enforcement, Susan will balance her legal knowledge with your real life circumstances and her professional experience to give you the balanced representation that you need. Susan will draw on her extensive experience in family law, both in and out of the Courtroom, her experience as a mediator and her work with Guardian ad Litem’s to advise you as to the best resolutions for your circumstances.