The Divorce Process and What to Expect

A contested divorce is when the spouses do not agree on how to resolve the issues that are necessary to terminate a marriage. Often, divorcing spouses find it difficult to agree on issues such child custody, allocated parental responsibilities, child support, parenting time, asset distribution, debt allocation, maintenance (formerly alimony), property division, and temporary spousal support.

With Susan’s assistance, clients find it easier to reach an agreement. When agreement is not possible, depending upon the unresolved issues, the Court may appoint a Mediator to assist with parenting matters. If mediation fails, the Court may also appoint a Guardian ad Litem to assist with parenting issues. If settlement is still not reached, it becomes the courts duty to adjudicate the disputes. Susan guides her clients through the process and lets them know what to expect each step of the way.

In the case of an uncontested divorce or a simple divorce, spouses are able to agree on all issues necessary in order to terminate the marriage. This means that all the legal issues are resolved. This does not necessarily mean that the divorce was amicable. Sometimes spouses simply agree to disagree and to put the past behind them.

An uncontested divorce does not necessarily mean that each spouse is happy with the terms of the agreement. An uncontested divorce does mean that spouses have chosen to reach an agreement themselves and without the Court’s involvement, without the Court making decisions that will affect the parties, and without unnecessary expense.

There are many reasons why spouses choose an uncontested divorce: Speed, ease, simplicity, convenience, privacy and cost. Most parties to an uncontested divorce do hire a lawyer to assist with the process. Susan is an experienced attorney who knows what documents and information the Court requires in order to obtain a divorce.

Divorce can be stressful and the dynamics between divorcing spouses can go from good to bad or somewhere in between in the matter of minutes. The emotional stress, the highs and lows from day to day, can take a toll on the decisions divorcing spouses make. Susan will look out for your best interests, advise you as to your legal rights and options, and work with you to keep matters from escalating out of control. It does not matter whether you are the spouse who wants the divorce or the spouse who does not, Susan will listen to your concerns, guide you through the divorce process and let you know what to expect during it.