Who is the best divorce lawyer in Kane County?

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer, do you simply want “the best divorce lawyer” in Kane County? No. What you want is the best lawyer for you! The divorce process is stressful and personal and you need a divorce lawyer you can be honest with and trust. During the divorce process, you and your lawyer are a team and you need to work well together.

Read websites, send emails, make telephone calls, and schedule an initial consultation. After the consultation, ask yourself, was she: Honest? Knowledgeable? Professional?

Did she: Explain the reasons for the advice she gave me? Listen to me? Answer all of my questions?

Most importantly, ask yourself: Am I comfortable speaking with her? Do I feel confident in her abilities to properly and competently represent me? Will she and I make an excellent team?

Choosing a divorce lawyer is an important, personal decision and you need to choose the lawyer who is right for you!

Legally, Susan